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Joseph Schubach Jewelers has been featured in numerous television news shows, magazine articles, radio programs and even fashion spreads.

Here you'll find our most informative, interesting and up-to-date news from local, regional and national publications, as well as our latest press releases and other company updates

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Joseph Schubach Donates Custom Jewels to Arizona Theatre Company

Press Release, February 27, 2008

Joseph Schubach creates a custom crown-inspired ring fit for royalty to be given away at the Arizona Theatre Company's fourth annual Drama Queens on the Green event. Download the PDF »

Joseph Schubach Discusses Gemesis Diamonds

The Bourne Report, February 3, 2008

Joseph Schubach discusses Gemesis lab-created diamonds on a prominent technology radio show. Listen to the Podcast »

Profile on Joseph Schubach

National Jeweler, February 2008

Joseph Schubach discusses the ins and outs of online jewelry sales with the industry's leading trade publication. Download the PDF »

Fashion Feature: Summer Flash for Him & Her

Sonoran Living Magazine, August 2007

Custom designs by Joseph Schubach Jewelers take center stage in this premier Southwest lifestyle magazine. Download the PDF »

Man-Made Gems Flash Alluring Facets

USA Today, February 5, 2001

The nation's number-one newspaper quotes Joseph Schubach in this feature piece about diamond alternatives, especially moissanite. Download the PDF »

Moissanite (Channel 3)

This clip from Phoenix's most popular morning show features Joseph Schubach discussing moissanite. At the time, Joseph Schubach Jewelers was the only retailer in Arizona and one of the few in the country to carry this diamond alternative.

Gemesis Cultured Diamonds (Channel 3)

Joseph Schubach explains the differences between Gemesis cultured diamonds and natural fancy-colored diamonds in this informative news piece, filmed when Joseph Schbuach Jewelers was the only retailer in Arizona to offer Gemesis.

Natural Fancy Color Diamonds (Fox 10)

Joseph Schubach shows several natural fancy-colored diamonds and explains the rarity and value of these unique gems. This news program was at the height of the Jennifer Lopez fancy-colored diamond craze.

Diamonds and Diamond Alternatives

Joseph Schubach explains natural diamonds and diamond alternatives, including clarity-enhanced diamonds, Gemesis cultured diamonds and moissanite.

The Grammy Awards' MusiCares Gemesis Necklace

In these two news pieces, Joseph Schubach presents the MusiCares fundraiser with a one-of-a-kind earrings and necklace set made from 18kt yellow gold, rubber cord and Gemesis fancy yellow cultured diamonds.

"Secret Message" Hinged Wedding Band

This news program features the patented Joe Jewelry "secret message" hinged wedding band.

Joe Jewelry Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

This evening news piece highlights four engagement ring and wedding band collections from the Joe Jewelry line.

2006 ESPY Awards

Joseph Schubach presenting jewelry to the winners and presenters at the 2006 ESPY awards.