Moissanite Overview


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Moissanite is not separated into grades (like diamond) because its manufacturer has set strict specifications that each stone must meet before being released to distributors. Those specifications are comparable to diamonds which have been graded VS1-VS2 (Very Slightly Included - Minor inclusions somewhat easy to locate at 10x magnification).


Moissanite is considered sturdier than diamond because it has no natural fractures that can crack if the stone is subjected to an impact of some kind. Also, Moissanite, at 9.25 Mohs, is second in hardness only to diamond and incredibly tough. This is the reason that Moissanite maintains its clarity and sparkle throughout a lifetime. It will not look like a piece of rock salt, like cubic zirconia, after two weeks.


However, you need to know that Moissanite cannot compare in color to a colorless diamond. Moissanite has a slightly darker (approximately I-K color) but really cannot be differentiated from a diamond in the same setting. You would probably be able to see a difference in color if you compared loose Moissanite stones and loose diamond stones.

Guarantee/Return Policy

We are so confident you will be happy with your Moissanite jewel/jewelry, that we offer a 10-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your jewel, simply return it to us within 10 days of receipt for a complete refund, less shipping & handling charges. You must return the original piece unworn and undamaged in its original packaging (including the Certificate of Authenticity) along with a copy of your emailed invoice to receive your credit. Any modifications to Jewelry will void the return policy (i.e. rings cannot be sized). This guarantee does not cover lost items.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Charles & Colvard, Ltd. offers consumers a limited lifetime warranty that Charles & Colvard created Moissanite jewel(s) will maintain their brilliance and fire for the lifetime of the owner. This warranty does not include loss, theft, disappearance, or loss of the optical properties of brilliance and fire due to incidental or intentional damage such as scraping, breakage or chipping.

Shipping Time

Orders are processed during normal business hours and you should receive your item within approximately a week of the order date. However, some of the larger and smaller jewels are special order, and delivery will depend upon availability. Shipping cost is free for any size U.S. order and a flat $19.99 for any size international order (Canada, Europe, Austrailia, New Zealand).


Typically we use USPS Priority or Express mail delivery, which requires a signature. If you are not home when it is delivered, the Postal Carrier will leave a card stating the missed delivery. They will attempt to deliver the next day, or you can call the post office and have the package held for pick-up, you may also sign the card and leave it in your mailbox, which waives the need for a signature upon delivery.

Unique Properties

Charles & Colvard created moissanite has unique physical properties unlike any jewel ever seen! Moissanite gemstones rival diamond, ruby, emerald and other fine gemstones in their brilliance, fire, luster and incredible hardness. It will not scratch or become cloudy with wear. What more could you ask for? -- How about the fact that Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite costs about 1/10th the cost of a diamond!


All Moissanite stones are manufactured in the same laboratory at Charles & Colvard and, contrary to some advertising on the internet, a jeweler cannot purchase either Moissanite rejects or Moissanite jewels that are said to be superior to other Moissanite jewels. Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone. A synthetic gemstone is made in a lab. To be called "Synthetic" a gemstone must have the same appearance, chemical composition and crystal structure as the natural gemstone. It basically IS the gemstone, only grown in a lab instead of a natural setting.


Moissanite gemstones are such a close match to diamonds that even skilled jewelers cannot tell the two apart. Like diamonds, moissanite gemstones have inclusions and color differences. Charles & Colvard's patented Tester Model 590 is the only recommended instrument that has been developed to distinguish moissanite from diamonds.


If you would like to see an actual Moissanite Jewel before buying one, click here to visit the Charles and Colvard site, which maintains a listing of Moissanite Jewelers by state. Make sure to check their prices, because I'm sure you will find our prices much lower and our selection much larger!

We have been online since 2001 selling Moissanite loose stones and finished moissanite jewelry. We offer excellant customer service, exceptional prices and one of the largest selections of Moissanite on the internet. If you don't see something that you would like, please contact us and we'll see if we can find it for you. However, we cannot set stones in settings other than what we have to offer on our website. We ensure you that any information provided is protected, respected and private. However, if you prefer not to order online, simply call us at 1-800-613-4367 and we can take your order over the phone. We will accept international orders from Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand only.