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Make the Most of Your Big Day with Moissanite

Learn how moissanite wedding jewelry can be your ticket to a special day that glitters forever.

Forget the old adage that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” In the modern economy nothing can help you make the most of your big day and your life after the “I dos” like investing in a glittering moissanite wedding set or a sparkling moissanite engagement ring.

Not only does moissanite give you more brilliance and fire than natural diamonds, but it’s nearly as hard – and moissanite rings cost just a fraction of the price of similarly sized natural diamond jewelry. And the best part – only you will ever know the secret behind your brilliant moissanite wedding jewelry. Learn more about moissanite>> Still need more reasons to invest in a moissanite wedding set rather than traditional diamonds? Here are some of our favorites:

  • Moissanite engagement rings are eco-friendly. Because moissanite isn’t mined (it’s man-made), moissanite rings are naturally conflict-free and provide brides and grooms a greener alternative to purchasing jewelry that supports the diamond mining industry.
  • You can get more ring for your money. Moissanite rings cost, on average, about one-tenth the price of a comparable natural diamond. So if you think bigger is better but you’re on a budget, moissanite engagement rings are the way to go.
  • Moissanite wedding jewelry allows you to spend more elsewhere. With beautiful yet budget-friendly jewelry for your big day, you can afford a longer, more luxurious honeymoon, a bigger celebration, or even make down a bigger down payment on your first home.
  • You can give your bridal party gifts that truly dazzle. Instead of a simple silk handbag or a manicure and pedicure that lasts but a few fleeting moments, give them moissanite wedding jewelry to wear on your big day and beyond. They’ll simply dazzle in stud earrings or a solitaire pendant!
  • Moissanite wedding sets, solitaires and anniversary rings can be custom-designed for a unique look that’s also cost-effective.

In addition to the beauty and budget-friendly benefits of moissanite, at Joseph Schubach Jewelers you’ll discover one more reason to purchase moissanite rings: Our Trade-Up Program. Because tastes change, lifestyles change and budgets shift, we’ve developed a program that gives you the freedom to trade up to a larger moissanite stone, or move into natural diamond or clarity-enhanced diamond jewelry as your budget allows.

See all our moissanite jewelry and discover the brilliance and flexibility of this remarkable stone.