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Save 40% on Gemesis Cultured Diamonds

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Experience the Brilliance and the Beauty of Canary Diamonds

Square radiant cut Gemesis diamond
with natural pave accent
diamonds. View Here

Gemesis Fancy Colored Diamonds:

• Are beautiful, brilliant, unique and rare - unlike any other gemstone
• Combine rich vibrant colors with the sparkle, strength and brilliance of mined diamonds
• Are actual diamonds, through and through
• Are a fraction of the cost of a natural canary diamond
• Are eco-friendly; they're lab grown and not mined from the earth

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22 Gemesis Fancy Colored Diamonds at Almost Half the Price
See the collection of loose Gemesis diamonds here

What we have here is a rare opportunity that just won't wait.

Our diamond cutter has dropped the price on only 22 loose Gemesis cultured diamonds by 40%, an unheard of savings. This means you have the chance to possess your very own fancy colored "canary" diamond at a cost that fits most budgets.

Not only are we passing a 40% discount on to you but we're taking 20% off the cost of your choice of setting. Whether it's a three stone ring, an engagement ring or a pair of earrings, you can possess one of the highest quality fancy colored diamonds on the market today.

Our Maltese Cross earrings with Gemesis
diamonds and natural pave accent
diamonds, view here

In nature, diamonds exhibit a wider variety of colors than any other gemstone and are the only gem that occurs in all 12 basic colors: pink, red, orange, brown, yellow, olive, green, blue, purple, gray, black and white. Fancy color diamonds are unique because they offer the intriguing colors of other precious gemstones but are the only gem to offer this color with the brilliance, durability, rarity and mistique of diamonds. Reds and violets are the rarest with only a few known stones in existence. Pinks are also very rare. Out of tens of millions of carats mined per year, only 50-100 carats are pink with the vast majority weighing less than one carat.

Image of natural fancy color diamonds

Because of their rarity, the most expensive diamonds in the world are fancy colored diamonds. Recently, many prominent public figures have brought fancy colored diamonds into the headlines with their beautiful and unusual engagement rings, earrings and pendants (more on that below.)

Or perhaps you've heard of the recent blue diamond ring sold at Sotheby's for a mere $9.5 million? The rare 7.03-carat flawless blue diamond is one of the few blue diamonds ever found. If nine mill is a little out of your budgetary range, we can offer you the fancy colored diamond experience with a much more reasonable price tag!

A flawless vivid blue diamond
weighing 7.03 carats.
Read more.

Yellow Diamonds are cherished gemstones for their gorgeous, sun-radiant colors, exotic appearance and mystical power. Our richly colored Gemesis stones range from a deep and warm yellow-gold to yellow-orange (check out our color chart below) and add a whole other element to your jewelry collection. Compared to other rare fancy colored diamonds, yellow diamonds enhance your style in a casual and inviting way. Often considered the "lucky" gemstone, we feel particularly fortunate to share with you the preciousness of our find.

What exactly is a Gemesis fancy colored diamond?

Gemesis cultured diamonds are real, eco-friendly diamonds grown in a lab rather than mined from the earth. They're optically and chemically identical to their natural counterparts. The main difference is the price; Gemesis diamonds are a fraction of the cost of natural fancy color diamonds and, with our current sale, they are now an exceptional value.

For more information on Gemesis Cultured Diamonds, view this video:

View this hand engraved filigree necklace here

And each Gemesis cultured diamond comes with a grading certificate from the International Gemological Institute indicating its color, clarity, carat weight, serial number and laser inscription on the diamond itself. This certificate is your assurance that you are getting an authentic Gemesis cultured diamond.

Sample IGI diamond grading report

Fancy colored diamonds have been a major fashion trend since Jennifer Lopez unveiled her engagement ring to the world a few years ago (see photo below.) Since then, they have increased dramatically in popularity.

Asscher cut Gemesis diamond earrings

And here are a couple of high-end retailers specializing in this colorful new wave:

Graff Diamonds , Harry Winston

Also, feel free to read more about the specialness of Gemesis on our site or see the collection of loose Gemesis diamonds here.

Why Joseph Schubach Jewelers?

Schubach is a leader in the cultured diamond industry. We are one of the very first retailers in the country and the first in Arizona to offer Gemesis cultured diamonds. We've been to the Gemesis factory and seen their amazing operation firsthand. When we initially offered our Gemesis line in 2003, General Clark, the colorful founder of Gemesis, flew to Scottsdale and helped with our launch. Buying your first fancy colored diamond from us means you have the Gemesis guarantee and the Schubach Peace of Mind Guarantee to back up your purchase.

In 2004, Joseph Schubach Jewelers along with the Gemesis Corporation proudly designed, manufactured and donated this piece to the MusiCares, a foundation that helps music people in times of need.

What do I do with a loose gem?

The sky's the limit! At a price like this, be creative. Our loose gems make the perfect centerpiece for our Classic Sweetheart Pave necklace or a Tension-Set engagement ring or Martini Style moissanite earrings. Gemesis diamonds also make for a unique, one of a kind Engagement Ring and can be set into any of our styles. You can either choose from our wide array of existing pieces in our Gallery or design your own piece with our custom design service. The choice is yours. With gemstones this brilliant and gorgeous, you can't lose!

Here's a possibility:

Our classic three stone ring, style #919, set with a Gemesis diamond

Or how about this?

Our 'Comma' earrings, call for details

Or this?

Asscher cut stud earrings, just one possibility, call for details

Tension set engagement ring with a fancy yellow diamond and natural white accent diamonds, view here

The Long Standing Power of a Diamond

The diamond has held a certain mystique in our collective unconscious for centuries. The Romans believed that diamonds were splinters from falling stars. The Greeks regarded these mystical gems as tears of the gods. The word diamond is a derivation of the Greek word "adamas," meaning unconquerable, due to its strength.

The diamond became a symbol of love toward the end of the 15th century, when Austrian Archduke Maximilian gave the first diamond engagement ring to his beloved. The ring was placed on the fourth finger of her left hand, because that finger was believed to course with the vein of love that connects directly to the heart. For centuries afterward, diamonds represented long-lasting love, purity and endurance.

In 1938, De Beers, the world renowned diamond company, hired the New York-based ad agency N.W. Ayer to develop a phrase that would forever encapsulate the diamond experience. This brilliant slogan would resonate with the public consciousness for the next century and signify the eternal love a natural diamond represents. This slogan was intrinsically entwined with the gem itself and the story was born:

"A diamond is forever."

The Birth of Lab Created Diamonds

Since then, diamonds have come a long way, baby.

When the Florida-based Gemesis company figured out a way to create high-quality diamonds, indistinguishable from their mined counterparts (and actually exceeding in some characteristics!) within the confines of their lab instead of earth-damaging mines in politically fractured countries, consumers were given a high-quality, socially and ecologically smart option that not only offered the full diamond experience (because Gemesis diamonds are, in fact, real diamonds) but for a fraction of the price. A "green" diamond was born! The jewelry world was changed irrevocably.

Carter Clarke (center) at the Gemesis factory outside Sarasota, Florida

Close up of a Gemesis diamond growing chamber

Natural Diamonds versus Gemesis

If you think Gemesis is just today's version of Cubic Zirconia, think again. These are actual diamonds through and through, not a diamond simulant like CZ or moissanite. These cultured diamonds have the identical carbon-based chemical properties of natural diamonds and are created in a similar way that natural diamonds are made using the perfect combination of heat, pressure and the right set of ingredients.

How do Laboratory-Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds Compare?

• Both have the same physical, chemical and optical properties. •Both have the same hardness, specific gravity, refractive index and dispersion factor. •Both are polished using the same equipment and techniques. •Both have the same brilliance, sparkle, fire and scintillation. •Both are diamonds. •It's virtually impossible for a jeweler or gemologist to detect a Gemesis diamond from a natural diamond without proper scientific equipment.

An uncut, raw Gemsis diamond crystal (right) next to a faceted and polished Gemesis diamond

How Laboratory-Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds - the Price Difference

Natural fancy color diamonds are out of site price-wise, costing upwards of $1 million a carat for a natural pink diamond. Fancy colored yellow diamonds are, as a rule of thumb, twice as expensive as a white diamond.

Gemesis cultured diamonds cost less than half the price of a similar natural fancy color diamond...again, possessing the same qualities.

Here's an example:

Natural Yellow Diamond 1 carat $10,000
Gemesis Yellow Diamond 1 carat $5,000
Joseph Schubach Gemesis Sale Price 1 carat $3,000

More on Fancy Colored Diamonds - a Unique Diamond Experience

So what makes fancy colored diamonds so special?

Fancy colored diamonds have existed as long as traditional "white" diamonds. One of the most well-known fancy colored diamond is the famous Hope Diamond:

(above) The Hope Diamond is a large, 45.52 carats fancy deep blue diamond, currently housed in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.

Fancy colored diamonds are unique because of their rarity. Only a fraction of diamonds found are gem quality and only a fraction of those are fancy color and gem quality. Fancy color diamonds are also unique because they offer the intriguing colors of other precious gemstones but are the only gem to offer deep, vivid color with the brilliance, durability and rarity of diamonds.

Our Sun pendant set with a Gemesis Diamond, view here

The Fancy Color Diamond Trend - Why Now?

Well, Jennifer Lopez had a little to do with it! We all remember the pink and white fancy colored diamond ring Ben Affleck gave her for their engagement (pictured below.)

But more than celebrity endorsement, companies such as Gemesis have made fancy colored diamonds affordable while maintaining a fantastically high pedigree. Because of this, Gemesis cultured fancy colored diamonds have witnessed a dramatic surge in growth over the past few years. With Gemesis cultured diamonds, people can experience extravagance without the sky-high price tag.

Another factor? Eco-consciousness. As stated earlier, people are beginning to understand the global implications of diamond mining. People in the know realize that these lab-produced diamonds are more than comparable to their natural counterparts, without the ecological and political damage.

And lastly - choice. With an affordable diamond, the buyer can increase their jewelry collection without breaking the bank! Many people could never experience the joy of wearing a mined fancy colored diamond. Now, that door is open!

See the collection of loose Gemesis diamonds here.

Our 'Soft Square' engagement ring, call for details

The Fancy Color Diamond Trend - You're in Good Company!

(above) Jennifer Lopez's fancy colored engagement ring - seemingly starting the trend (though Marilyn (below) had her beat!)

(above) Ms. Monroe wearing the famous canary yellow Moon of Baroda (below) at a substantial 24.04 carats.

(above) Beyonce wears a 25-carat Gray, yellow and white Diamond Right Hand Ring by Lorraine Schwartz.

(above) Penelope Cruz at Golden Globes sporting yellow and white diamond flower earrings from Chopard are 10 carats each.

(above) Katharine McPhee wearing a Oval-cut yellow diamond with pink pave diamonds set in platinum

The Vibrant Hues of our Gemesis Diamonds:

Let's talk about the color for a moment, shall we? The Gemesis cultured diamonds we possess are a deep, saturated color - ranging from a pure, clean lemon yellow (or Canary yellow) to a warm,vibrant marmalade orange. These are rich, intensely colored gemstones that look like the shades of a summer sunset. If you choose a lighter yellow, you will capture the essence of the elusive yellow diamond, a rarity in nature. If you want something more fiery and hot in color, then an molten orange shade may be for you.

Did you know:

• Diamonds exhibit a wider variety of colors than any other gemstone and are the only gem that occurs in all 12 basic colors: pink, red, orange, brown, yellow, olive, green, blue, purple, gray, black and white.
• The blue Hope diamond in the Smithsonian Institute is the most famous fancy colored diamond.
• Reds and violets are the rarest fancy colored diamonds with only a few known stones in existence. Pinks are also very rare. Out of tens of millions of carats mined per year, only 50-100 carats are pink with the vast majority weighing less than one carat.
• Cut (proportion) is a major factor to color. A fancy color diamond will be cut to enhance the color, therefore typical cutting proportions do not necessarily apply.
•  True fancy yellow is the most popular and affordable fancy color and a good place to start your collection. Yellows, however, still need to be true "fancy yellow" to be valuable.
• Diamonds obtain their color from elements such as nitrogen (yellows, orange, pink, red), boron (blues) and hydrogen as well as through defects in the crystal structure.
• The key qualities of diamond color relate to the intensity, evenness and saturation of the coloration. Marbled shades or those that appear washed-out are less valuable.

Our 1/2 Moon dangle chandelier earrings, view here

Yellow Diamonds - The Spiritual Side:

"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun." ~ Pablo Picasso

You don't have to be a fortune teller to feel the strength and power of various gemstones. The subtle yet dramatic yellow and orange diamonds naturally enhance the wearer's aura, like sparks of sunlight playing on your body. Here are some of the ways a special yellow gemstone can add to your spiritual life:

Yellow – The Airborne Sparks of the Fire

Keywords: Joy, Success, Mental Clarity

Color Energy Properties & Associations: Luck, Joy, Cheer, Commerce, Business, Success, Alleviates Psychological Depression, Lust for Life, Mental Clarity, Progress, Change, Business Communication, Learning, Knowledge, Personal Power, Optimism, Test Phobias, Travel, Visualization, Emotional and Mental Vitality, Hope, Cheerfulness, Curiosity, Relaxation, Relieve Stress, Philosophy

Healing Lore: Mental Agility, Nerves, Muscle Energy, Stomach, Liver, Intestines, Digestion, Assimilation of Nutrients, Shooting Pains, Scarring, Skin (especially pores), Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema

Related To: Air Element, Solar Plexus Chakra, Summer Season

Okay, I'm Sold! Now what do I do?

Congratulations! Now that we've won you over with the power and beauty of a Gemesis fancy colored diamond, it's time to choose your piece. Choose from our Gallery or use your imagination!

Here are some more eye-catchers from our Gallery first:

Yellow Cushion Cut Gemesis Earrings With Pave White Diamonds

2.38ct t.w. deep fancy yellow cushion cut Gemesis diamonds set into 18kt white gold earrings featuring approximately .60ct t.w. of pave set white diamonds.

Yellow Round Gemesis Earrings With Marquee And Round Diamonds

.84ct t.w. of deep fancy yellow round brilliant Gemesis diamonds of VS clarity set into 18kt white gold earrings accented with approximately 1.50ct t.w. marquee and round white diamonds.

Or, you can set a loose Gemesis cultured diamond into any of our existing pieces that feature white diamonds or moissanite. For example, the necklace below is our classic diamond three stone pendant that we set with a Gemesis cultured diamond in the center. Just about any piece of jewelry on our site can be made with a Gemesis cultured diamond.

Call 888-724-8222 for help in creating your perfect Gemesis dream piece. Or check out the collection of loose Gemesis diamonds here for ideas.

Our classic three stone pendant featuring a Gemesis cultured diamond and two natural accent diamonds, view here

Our Joe Jewelry Collection 3 Square Ring, call 888-724-8222 for details

Or perhaps you have an idea in your mind's eye? Share it with us or send us a photograph of a piece you've seen in a magazine or on a celebrity. We're experts in creating custom jewelry for a fraction of the price of the big name designers.

Visit our Custom Jewelry Page for additional information or call 888-724-8222 for custom design advice using Gemesis cultured diamonds.

Here are some other examples we found to choose from:

(above) A necklace entirely composed of Gemesis stones

(above) A Taryn Rose Designed Ring

(above) Yellow diamond Gemesis earrings

Remember, we only have 22 Gemesis stones and they won't last long at this price. Either choose from our gallery or give us your suggestion and we'll create a dream piece especially designed for you.

Contact us for more specific questions about our limited gems at: (888) 724-8222 or view the collection of loose Gemesis diamonds here.

At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we pride ourselves in stellar customer service - as well as great deals like this!